Here at Strength & Honor, everything is authentic in size and weight. Every piece of armor is battle ready. We are in no way promoting war, only projecting a historical view of ancient warriors, who protected their people to the death; when combat was hand to hand, facing your opponent eye to eye. It takes courage, strength and honor to win a battle of the heart.

History is a part of every school curriculum and special presentations make learning more fun. Why not make it entertaining, as well as, educational; something they will always remember. The students can see for themselves, the armor, weapons, and hear about the strength needed to wear and carry them; the particular routines of a Spartan, the skill of an Athenian Hoplite, what was expected of a Roman Legionnaire, how Philip of Macedon recreated warfare in which his son, Alexander, perfected. Last, but not least, the Barbarian customs and modes of warfare.

We are always a work in progress so stay tuned!!!